Traveling to Alaska
   Tyler likes adventures. Traveling is her main hobby. It doesn't even a hobby; it is a style of her life. At her bedroom she has a black and white map of our country. There she paints states which she visited. There are only three white states: Alaska, Pennsylvania and Louisiana where she hasn’t been before. She used online Orbitz coupon codes and had a trip to Alaska a few years ago.
   When she was a graduate she bet with her elder brother that in seven years she visited all fifty states. It was left only half a year and she decided to begin with Alaska. It is a world of cold and frost. It is the biggest state in USA. It is situated on northwest of United States. It is attractive with its beautiful sceneries.
   She planned that her Alaska trip would continue only three days. Tyler looked in internet that there would be rather satisfiable weather. But forecast wasn’t right. She hadn’t time to buy warm clothing, so arrived to Alaska in light dress. Unfortunately it was winter. And as a result she caught a strong cold. She planned to visit some beautiful places and ride on dog team, but her illness ruined her plans.
And she couldn’t enjoy a trip. These three days she layed in the bed and took a medicine for cold. But next time about in a half month she wants to visit Alaska again probably more than three days and with a number of warm clothes that to see all picturesque landscapes of this state and to have a greatest amusement there.
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