Shopping as a Hobby
   Shopping is a favorite employment for women. My best friend Tyler Smith is not exception. She is fond of shopping. It is a kind of amusement for her. She always get a great enjoy, as every woman, when she does purchase. But she has a lack of time, because active way of life and mostly she makes shopping online Macy's coupon codes, of course except food. She makes purchase only on accustomed sites. She prefers to buy stuff or dress with a discount. It is like a hobby for her, it is not because of lack of money, she just wants it.
   A week before my lovely son William had a birthday. He got seven years old. My son likes football. It is his hobby. He plays football at school team and he is a captain. The best present for is a present concerning with football. And Tyler knew this fact. And she presented to him, as she called it, a set for young football players. There was a training suit and of course a ball. He was delighted. And as I think she bought with a discount. As she is a fitness trainer, her classes visit a wife of one popular football player and Tyler asked her that her husband sign up the ball. It was difficult to execute. Because that time he was traveling all over the world. But as soon as he returned home he signed it with a great pleasure. William was on cloud nine when saw it. At once he run to the yard that to swagger about his gift. He even forgot about others presents. He got an amusement with it. So, it was Tyler, she always knows how to glad a young boy. But unfortunately this ball was steeled at school. William almost cried that lost the most expensive present in his life. But as people say the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. But he wears a training suit. Next time he will keep such gifts at home and will not show it to anybody except his best friends.
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