Job as Amusement
   Tyler Smith Roseberry is my best friend. She is very active person. She likes sport and her career has concern with sport. She is a fitness trainer in a fitness centre. Her health is very important for her. To care about her health is her hobby. She doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink alcohol and every morning she jogs. She eats only healthy food: fruits and vegetables.
   Tyler is traveling a lot and visiting different courses of fitness training diplomas that she is a qualified specialist. Her lessons are very effective. She has regular visitors at her class and among them well-known person of our city. She keeps in touch with him that is why she has a lot of friends. But the most devoted her friend is I. And as her friend I visit her club with a discount.
   She always tries to persuade me that I visit her lessons, but I always think up an excuses that to avoid to visit a fitness club. I’m laziest than my best friend. It is better for me to spend an evening in front of TV set or enjoy the computer – sitting in facebook or just reading books. She used online HP coupon codes and purchased a nice advanced computer. I know she is the fitness trainer I have ever known, but sometimes after work I don’t even want to go outside. Tyler and I meet very rarely, because of the active style of her life, so sometimes, about one a year, I visit her lessons that to see her.
   On her lessons she practice Pilates and yoga, it is very interesting and healthy for our bodies and souls. So, I worked very strongly and after her class I was much tied. When I came home I fall asleep at once and even forgot to feed my favorite pet – Labrador Martin. But I’m sure he will forgive me for such negligence.
   Next day when I woke up I felt that I couldn’t move. I had a pain in all my body. I hardly got up and the only I could did to take a telephone and call to Tyler. She laughed at me and said that my body fills a pain, because I visit a fitness club very rarely. I took an anesthetic and stayed at home. And I promised Tyler that I would attend her lessons more often.
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