Discount Trip
   Discount is very convenient conditions for people who make a lot of purchase or has a lack of money. Tyler saved money with Kohl's coupon codes and purchased a good pair of shoes for a prom party last year.
   My best friend Tyler Smith Roseberry always tries to make purchase with discount: food, clothing, furniture, trips and other stuff in spite of good financial position. It looks like a fixed idea, but she continues such hobby.
   Once she has a vacation and decided to make a trip which includes hot sun, warm sea or ocean, soft sand and high palms. She appealed to the online travel agency and the place of her destination was Florida. As she wants it was with a discount, but nevertheless the price of the tour was surprisly too cheap. But she didn’t set a trap. It include vacation package with reserving a posh five – star hotel, renting car and so on, as it called all – inclusive. There remains only one thing to relax and enjoy the rest. I said that there must be a catch in it, but she didn’t believe me and she set out to get an amusement. When she arrived to the hotel, as it found out it wasn’t a posh five – star hotel as promised travel agency. It was a small and looks like a motel. And everything that promised the agency became false. And she had to spend her long – expected vacation equivocal place.
   When she returned from twelve – day vacation, she didn’t look rested, she looked sick and tied. In the hotel she caught some allergy, a serve in the hotel steeled cash, and the beach was far from the hotel. In short it was a real trip. After this vacation she required a time that to pick up her health. So, I’m sure that she learned a lesson from this vacation, and at least she said that she will never get a discount travelling tour again.
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