Collect and Enjoy
   Tradition to collect vases came to Tyler from her mother. Mrs. Smith collected vases all her life. First vase in her collection was presented from her mother – in – low when Tyler was born. And she collected it until she leave this world and from that moment Tyler continue this family tradition. Collecting vases became a kind of her hobby. She saved money with Overstock coupon codes online and purchased a nice Chinese vase.
   Tyler is traveling a lot and visit different beautiful cities and countries. And almost from every rip she tries to bring some interesting and rare vases. There are vases from mystery China, beautiful India, charming France and even from cold Russia in her collection. They are made from different materials: ceramics, china, glass, crystal and others. The unusual shape of vase serves as a criterion for buying a vase. But mostly of vases, as Tyler says, are very expensive. She doesn’t always buy vases, sometimes vases are presented to her. Her vases have different forms and shapes. One of it has a shape of woman’s body – it is very beautiful.
   One day she had a birthday party. And she invited only close friends, it was about twenty persons. She provided amusement for us. It was very funny and jolly, everybody had a fun. And there were a lot of drinks. At once it looked very strange, because Tyler doesn’t drink alcohol, she has a healthy life – style, but she didn’t drink it, she bought it to her friends. And my lovely husband David was in a drunken state a little bit and by accident broke one vase. I was terribly scared. At once music stopped, everybody stared only on us and waited the Tyler’s reaction. But surprisingly she was rather calm. She brought dustpan and broom and didn’t say a word cleaned the carpet from fragments of broken vase. Then silently gave a piece of paper to me. There was a cost of this vase. The price was scared me, it was very expensive. I’m very responsible person and I felt blame that my husband David broke her vase. And I even was going to buy a new one, but at the next moment she said that it was a joke. In fact she bought this vase on flea market in New York City. But nevertheless I bought another vase in a discount store instead of broken one. It was cost only 3 dollars. It was cheap, because, it was from glass, but it has an original form. Tyler was delighted and her new vase took a place of honor on her shelf.
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