Friendship is one of the greatest things in the world. Nobody knows how to define it in a proper way. I think that friendship is the highest spiritual achievement of men. I believe that a person can be happy if he has a true friend. So, I’m happy totally. I have a lot of friends, but my close friend is Tyler. She is a very interesting person. I enjoy spending my free time with her. Tyler is the only person with whom I can share my problems, ideas, and thoughts. She understands me very well, and she always tells me the truth. She is bright, cheerful and very active. She has a lot of hobbies: sport, travelling, collecting and many others. Tyler used online Travelocity coupon codes and traveled to South America last year. She tries to receive an amusement from her life. Also she has a freak. She tries to get everything with a discount. It is a kind of another her hobby. The more discount the better. But at the same time she hasn’t a lack of money. She never stays in one place – that’s why we meet very rarely.
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